Saturday, 2 January 2016

North Kivu: 9 militia leaders occupy several villages in Kalehe

North Kivu: 9 militia leaders occupy several villages in Kalehe


Kalehe territory (North Kivu) is still plagued by the activism of new warlords. They are accused of extortion, looting and arbitrary arrests against local people, said Friday 1 January military sources in connection with the surrender of ten fighters Raïa Mutomboki in the neighboring territory of Shabunda.

Ten fighters from several factions Raïa Mutomboki surrendered Friday at the 3309è FARDC regiment at Shabunda / Centre with Ak 47 gun, said military sources. These militia factions from Nisawa Songa Makombo and Kimba, the sources said.

Meanwhile, the neighboring territory of Kalehe the brunt of new warlords who hold at least seven villages, including Chabunda, Lukando in Kalima group.

In the same group, five counts Raïa Mutomboki have set up their headquarters in Mushenge and Ekingi. This is, according to civil society, Bwale Hamakombo, Tumaini Kapitwa, Gyeme Munono, Masahani and Mungoro Matofali, which are "the law in these villages."

Other villages under occupation by armed groups are: a consortium Mubuku Lailai, Musenyi in Buloho chiefdom, in the forest of Ramba and Kinono Mashere. According to local sources, they would be occupied by the group Raïa Mutomboki Shukuru recently expelled from Katasomwa by FARDC and Butachibera the Nyatura well as some Mweke.

Territorial authorities have confirmed the occupation of all these entities, however, reassuring that the military operations were underway to hunt the attackers.

But in the meantime, people in occupied areas are taken into vise.

They suffer daily abuses, looting their property and are subject to arbitrary arrest from "these same militiamen who control the small markets", according to several local sources.